transform traditional business models on the new global economy

About us

Kryptohub is a blockchain software firm and outsourcing services provider. With intensive knowledge and professional experience, Kryptohub, will create new blockchain solutions that transform traditional business models such as finance, games, education, payments, entertainment, and insurance on the new global economy.

Our Vision & Mission

Cryptocurrency comes with the opportunity for everyone to be creative and think differently about the economy. There are tokens, credits, and many other kinds of currency that allow users to move value in a more efficient way. However, cryptocurrency has not really gained the transparency and the trust from the community. That is the reason why Kryptohub comes. We reduce the vulnerabilities, accelerate a more transparent future for cryptocurrency and let the community realize its full potential and power.

Our Services

Blockchain consulting

We can support you in identifying the potential of blockchain for your project and product based on our professional experience and our research, analysis of blockchain platforms, tools, and right features prioritization.


Get access to the project in the right hand at the right stage. Our blockchain development team selects the most suitable environment for the purpose and supports the construction of the automatic deployment flow of the source code.

Blockchain development

From idea to design and development, our dedicated team will provide the best solution for your project. With agile blockchain development, we deliver scalable and high quality result.


We monitor, maintain, and provide support for managing the blockchain system with 3rd party upgrades and new releases.


We deliver smart contract development, a great tool to conduct secure, fast and reliable transactions without intermediaries.

Migration and upgrade

We will help you in moving your existing system to blockchain. We will create a clear and custom roadmap for your business, keeping all the business process but migrating & updating the more efficient and powerful features with blockchain.

Our Team

Trinh Duc Dai



Dang An Thien



Luc Van Minh



Ma Van Tu


Our Projects


Heroes of Mavia

Mavia is a AAA MMO strategic multiplayer game allowing players to buy land, build a base & battle other players for RUBY. There exists three NFT types in the game — Land, Heroes & Statues, each of which can be bought & sold on the Mavia marketplace for MAVIA token & the NFTs can only be upgraded by using the RUBY cryptocurrency.

Technologies: Unity, Smartfox, Java Spring boot, WebGL, Smart contract, AWS, Postgres

Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks is the world's first multiplayer kill-to-earn zombie survival game on Binance Smart Chain.

Technologies: Photon, Unity, Smartcontract, AWS


Fortia is one of the first high quality strategy blockchain games that incorporate Create-to-Earn ecosystem to promote our gamers & artists community. Our proprietary technology allows direct music streaming from connected wallets

Technologies: Unity, Smartfox, Java Spring boot, WebGL, Smartcontract, AWS, Postgres


Warena is the first personalized & 'play to earn' NFT Metaverse game

Technologies: NestJs, MongoDB, Unity, Smartcontract, AWS

Epic War

Epic War is a Cinematic Game built on blockchain with free-to-play-to-earn model. It offers players the thrill of first-person shooter action in a cutting-edge gaming environment. Scavenging settings, hundreds of mutant monsters & a frantic in-game economy are among the game’s highlights.

Technologies: Unity, photon, Smartcontract



Memepad provides a completely new, systematized & decentralized way of connecting token creators with community members to raise funds. It's a launchpad like no other, in that it combines & builds upon several elements inspired by other launchpads whilst also providing a unique edge in being tailored specifically to meme coins & microcaps that want to launch on BSC.

Technologies: Nodejs, Reactjs, Smartcontract


Ecosystem to integrate with internal ERP

Technologies: SmartContract, ReactJS, GraphQL


Green Digital Economy development using blockchain technology base on Ethereum network on mobile app Provide users ability to invest, donate on economy product using Ethereum tokens & Bitcoin, Apple Pay. Integration with Stripe payment gateway. Tracking product status details by scanning barcodes on mobile. Build a small game in the main app, which enables users to plant, decorate & share trees on media & social networks.

Technologies: Blockchain - Ethereum Network; Backend - Spring Boot, Maven, Liquibase, Swagger; DB - Postgres; Client - Android & IOS Swift, Game - Cocos2dx


A solution using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to help financial institutions & surveyors digitize & streamline the processes of asset valuation, & also simplify the complexity of end-to-end workflows of the asset valuation & management industry

Technologies: Blockchain & DLT, Corda platform


Atlas Elite, a DLT-based trade finance platform, is a fully digitized platform to accelerate your trade business by connecting corporates & financiers & all trade parties in one single place where operations are automated, transaction processing time is reduced with documents are digital-signed & committed. The platform requires minimal manual interaction, thanks to smart contract guided mechanisms. The use of DLT provides an audit trail for traceability, enhances transparency to workflows, mitigates credit risks in financing transactions, & facilitates lower fees & barriers to trade

Technologies: Angular, Typescript, Java, Blockchain



An Industry-wide DLT-based Motor Insurance Authentication Platform


The STO platform provides a tool to issuers to manage all the elements in the full Digital Security lifecycle. Especially, cover the issuance & compliance aspects for a Security Token Offering.

Technologies: Java, Kotlin, Blockchain, Smart Contract



A Certificate Management & Verification Blockchain System. If your organization issues certificates, transcripts or any documents, you may consider bringing them to THEMIS, which is a global Blockchain system & the system of truth for authentic documents.

Technologies: Blockchain, Spring Boot


Application to manage certificates of universities, colleges & other education institutes. The system uses blockchain to manage & verify certificates. The application is used by employees, students & education institutes officiers.

Technologies: Spring boot, Kotlin, Blockchain, Docker, Kubernete (K8s), DB Postgres



Nafter is the NFT social network & marketplace for creators & fans to buy, sell, mint & collect NFTs

Technologies: React redux, Javascript, AWS, Github, NodeJS, MongoDB, Blockchain


EventX provides tablet connected to wireless NFC readers for fast events. Pair the secure & sustainable NFC wearable with the EventX visitor app. Gain access to events & special access zones. Pay for drinks & food by swiping the NFC wearable along access control & PoS systems

Technologies: NodeJs, ReactNative, ReactJS, MongoDB, Kafka, Redis, Mangopay, Kubernestes, Blockchains use stellarNetwork

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